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The Perfectly Imperfect Artist

Something I have come to realise recently is that being a creative and making artwork on a daily basis is such a headbanging process... Yet I love it all the same.

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Headbanging... or Head Banging?

Notice how I use the word creative and not 'artist', and that is mainly because I feel like I am not worthy of being called that yet. I'm not sure of the reason why my brain thinks this way but it has been the case since the beginning.

I feel like I have a very long way to go in this journey and while Varshini might tell me otherwise (in an exasperated tone as always cause I keep saying I'm not an artist and she keeps denying my denial), I think its that feeling of wanting to do more that pushes me forward.

The irony of the matter is in a way I am putting myself down in order to push myself up... That almost sounded like something Master Oogway would say!

But then, what does this mean for my art you might ask... and well, I feel like art to me is a way of growing, of learning, of communicating, of connecting and so much more!

The fact is, I make art every day not because its a job or I need to do it, I do it cause I get to be me, and if that makes me an 'artist' then so be it, I shall be one, but I am perfectly happy being imperfect chasing for that better version of myself, cause that's where my drive lies and that is what makes my brain, for a lack of a better word, tick.

I wonder if this might be the case for you Sheeples with your own work. What pushes you to do more, to be better, to reach that height of your goals?

If you haven't given it thought then maybe this might get you thinking, but we here would love to know what makes you tick.

This is Ayushman Jain, the perfectly imperfect artist, signing out.

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