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Finding My Motivation

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There are so many things within us that make us tick, and when it comes to mental health, that number seems to have no end to it, and one such thing that I was struggling with in between was motivation.

It's weird how quickly we can end up losing the will and energy to do things when our motivation to do said task is at an all-time low, and motivation can be such a fickle thing. One moment we are ready for anything that might come our way, whatever obstacle there may be, we are just ready to cross it but right in the next moment, when motivation is at an all-time low, even the smallest inconvenience could cause us to shut down and not want to get out of our shells.

I realized this fickle nature of motivation when I got to confront it firsthand during the time both I and my fellow Sheeple, Varshini Raaj, were burnt out from all that we had been doing. From being able to post every day, make video content, write, make emailers and more to basically being completely thrown out of that sphere for a month seemingly without a way back to that mindset, it was such a surreal experience and one that neither of us thought we would be facing.

But this is something that we are sure many of us out there face when working on our own projects, businesses, passions, and whatnot, and honestly, I hope you all realize that you are not alone, and even if it seems bleak right now, you will find your way out... Just give yourselves that time and allow yourselves to recover.

That's what both of us were doing during this time away from Sheeples, and now that I feel like I am finding my way back in my own way similar to how Varshini is too, it feels like that energy is returning and it's making me think that I can take on the world once again, this time with a small battle scar adorned in my head.

I don't particularly love the way I am wording this right now but that does not mean I won't post this, mainly because I want to be able to work through all of what I'm going through and that feels like motivation enough to get started for now... So hey, it's good to be back and I look forward to writing all kinds of things here, just give me some time will ya!

This is Ayushman Jain (1000Minus7) signing out!

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