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Pennies Of An Artist

They promise you pennies,

tell you if you stopped dreaming you would have your pockets full,

Ask you to put away your scribbles and words,

To let go of the colour on your fingertips,

Skip the sway in your step.

“Not everyone can make it as an artist”.

We try to prove them wrong.

We try our best to do what is expected of us,

Day in and day out, 'hustling',

Not allowing a moment to rest,

“You can rest when you make it”

Pacing and pacing,

Faster and faster,


Never seeming like it is enough,

Never looking back to see how far you’ve come.

Feet are tired, hands stretched to find something that isn’t there,

What happened along the way?

The promise of pennies makes you think now,

Maybe if I hadn’t dreamed, you think.

Exposed to the harsh cold realities of creatives in this world, you wish things change.

I’m an artist, and always have been.

Always will be.

The one thing that won’t change in this ever-evolving world.

Art is beautiful,

wondrous and unique in its effects.

It is as unique to you, as it is to me, to him, to her, and to them.

It is personal.

It’s what moves the very core of our being.

If it is what you create,

what you build, trust in it.

If you’re indeed an artist,

Bring out the scribbles and poems,

Bring out the colours and sway back,

Be as loud as you want.

If you’re indeed an artist,

You’re a force,

An energy so powerful,

the power to colour your life,

the power to make someone out there feel heard,

feel seen with your art,

It’s bigger than you.

If you’re indeed an artist,

Remember where you started,

Remember why you started,

Remember how far you’ve walked.

For love and your art are who you are.

If you’re indeed an artist,

your hands will create out of the sorrows and joys of this earth,

your experiences will colour this universe,

and one day the world will listen,

because you were born out of ink,

and you were created to create.

This is Varshini Raaj signing out!

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