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Rise of Quarantine Gamers

2020 has been a wild year for all of us, and while we might have been stuck at home, for the most part, last year was also one that led people to either get into gaming or reacquaint themselves with their past love!

Like we have been saying, we need to count the small positives that we can take from last year, and gaming is definitely one that is going to carry over for many of us going forward.

Even though I have been gaming for years now, one of the best things to happen last year was seeing my friends who weren't originally into gaming, take this up as a hobby and in turn, making giant lobbies that allowed all of us to play random games together, whether it be Rocket League, PUBG, Among Us, it was just a fun time all together.

In essence, it felt like we were all just hanging out even though we weren't next to each other, and I will truly cherish that part of 2020 cause in a way, it made our friendship and our bond stronger!

While that was one aspect of gaming culture, the other side of it was the fact that I got to delve deeper into games I did not have the time to play earlier. Games like 'Shadow of the Colossus' and the Uncharted Series, were always on my playlist for a long time but I never got the time to play them, but when I truly got into these games, their story, their art, and the emotions they portray truly got to me, I was able to give thee games my time and in return, I got an experience that was truly one of a kind!

I would definitely recommend you Sheeples to give gaming a try, especially games that are built around single-player campaigns and are there to tell you a story, cause these games are an amazing experience and may even lead you to learn more about yourself (take that as a hint :p).

I am sorry that I couldn't write a more comprehensive article today, been sick this past week, but don't worry, you can hear more about it from the latest episode of our podcast!

It is officially the start of Season 2 of The Sheeples Podcast and we thought we should start the season by talking about something we love! We also had a special guest join us on this episode of ours, he is an old friend of ours and is a true gamer at heart! Hope to see you all on the pod!

Link to the episode:

This is 1000Minus7 signing off! Until next time!

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