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A Predictably Unpredictable Horror?

Time to grab the drinks and popcorn cause it's time to watch a movie!

*Do not worry, this article does not contain any spoilers*

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Spooktober - The month of horror!

Sticking to the theme of the month, we went on a journey of the 'spoops' as we like to call it, and watched a movie by the name of ' The Cabin in the Woods' last night. The movie itself was released in 2011, with an interesting cast of actors filling up the horror movie tropes you usually see on screen.

The cast consisted of Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth (surprised to see him in this), Anna Hutchinson, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, and Richard Jenkins, truly a mixed bag, and going in, we did not know what kind of movie it would be, especially considering the fact that we never watched any trailers, never read any descriptions and did not check any reviews for the movie.

The only thing we knew about this movie going into it was that it belonged to the Horror-Comedy genre, and that was about it!

So, without any hesitation, we dove right into the movie expecting to get scared out of our comfortable beds and regret watching it at midnight, though weirdly enough, we got an experience that was to an extent, the complete opposite.

Before I get any further, I would like to say that I truly liked 'The Cabin in the Woods', as quirky and interesting as it was, I found it to be a good departure from the usual horror movie genre even with the tropes being played out the way they were in this movie, and that also was mainly to, for a lack of a better word, parody the horror genre.

The movie started off on a very interesting note, while most horror movies show families moving into new houses or some curse being set upon the world, in this one, we were introduced to two official-looking men in formals in a huge office talking about their lives and well, it is just water cooler chat and as they are moving around the office, you are introduced to the title of the movie in your typical jump-scare fashion.

Seeing this, the two of us were a little confused, thinking if we got the right movie to watch or no, but this was when we knew, the movie was going to be an outlier.

As we were introduced to more and more of the cast we saw that each one belonged to the classic trope, with there being an innocent one, a jock, a smart one, a stoner, and a blonde one (ha XD).

Once we get to know these teens, the movie takes on the look of a teen summer movie with an American Pie-esque vibe and kinda also made us want to bet on who would survive in the group. We made our bets early on and watched to see if we would be right. Well, this is where the predictably unpredictable part comes in!

The movie gives off that old school parody vibe reminiscent of the days where these kinds of movies were made, kind of like 'Scary Movie' where we saw the whole horror genre being made fun off. But in the case of 'The Cabin in the Woods', they don't make fun of the genre as such, rather they play into it, using the genre to enhance their own storytelling.

They hint towards there being a larger plot in motion since the beginning, but it is always left ambiguous for the audience, keeping us in a confused state where we wonder what the truth of all that is happening in the movie is.

The movie, which we initially thought as being very predictable and one-note for the most part, with a few good jokes being strewn about here and there, became a lot more interesting and engaging once the third act came about.

The director Drew Goddard really did a great job in capturing the aesthetic of a low budget horror movie shot in the 2000s and actually took a plot that for the most part is very generic when it comes to these kinds of movies (a group of teens going on vacation when they accidentally awaken an unnatural entity) and actually make it something more than just a gorefest with jumpscares.

Honestly, I would definitely recommend you checking this movie out, if not for anything else than to experience something new and interesting that has not been recreated in the genre.

The predictability of this movie is its strength and is also what makes what happens later on so unpredictable, so, what are you waiting for? Grab that tub of popcorn and enjoy!

We actually ended up watching this movie because of our pod, where we wanted to simulate the feeling of watching movies with your friends even if you are alone at home. You can actually join us in watching this movie together by playing our commentary track in the background or on your phone while the movie plays on your computer or TV screens!

This episode was an experimental one for us and honestly, we don't know if this one came out as good or not. But we hope you Sheeples will enjoy our stupid jokes and company :P

You can listen to the episode right here:

Hope you enjoy the movie and our commentary!

This is 1000Minus7 signing out! Until Next Time!

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