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Let's Go To The Movies!

Over the past three years, I think all of us have had an interesting relationship with content and content consumption. Personally, I feel like I have always been very big on movies and anime for a very long time and I feel like I can speak for my fellow Sheeple Varshini as well when it comes to the movies. But, the way we consumed the media and the way we experienced stories had changed in the past few years mainly due to a huge factor that affected the lives of humans all across the world.

When the shift to streaming happened initially during the late 2010s, it always seemed appealing to me, well, it came with the personality of having a low social battery and wanting to just laze around on the weekends. While I always loved watching movies in the theater, with access to streaming, it felt like such a hack to just be at home and not go anywhere to just enjoy movies, it felt great!

Until, we hit 2020, and we were all completely cut off from the theater experience, while not the saddest thing in all that happened, it did dawn on me how much these little activities we all did in our lives, whether it be to go out to simply grab a coffee, or just walk around, or watch movies made a difference. While in the beginning, it didn't feel like I was missing out, I realised how much that experience, that feeling of watching art on the big screen, whether alone or with people, just felt cathartic in many ways.

It's such a simple act, just going somewhere to watch a movie, to just sit in one place for a few hours and leave everything else behind, just to lose myself in the story that's unfolding before my eyes, and to some extent, I felt like even after we were all able to go places and resume life, this act of simply going to the movies was lost. For a good amount of time, most of the media I consumed with friends used to be at home because someone would say 'Oh yeah it's releasing on this platform as well so might as well watch at home', but then, it just started feeling mundane in a way.

I kind of started losing interest in watching everything that came out, cause oh well I could watch it at any time, that is until the last maybe 2-3 months.

It feels like the idea of going to the theater has suddenly been revitalised, from watching all the Marvel flicks to watching Pathan, from watching Mission Impossible to watching Across The Spider-Verse, from watching Barbie and Oppenheimer to watching Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, that feeling of going back to the theater to simply enjoy ourselves is back and in a way.

The inner film buff in me seems to have reawakened and honestly, I could not be more excited! So what are we waiting for?

Let's go to the movies!

If you Sheeples liked this little article then we would love to hear from you about your thoughts as well, recommend some movies to us if you'd like, or just talk about your own passion that might have been reawakened recently, comment below cause we would love to hear from you all!

- Ayushman Jain (1000Minus7)

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