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To Fall in Love with Cinema

Cinema, film, movies, visual storytelling, whatever you may want to call this art form, there is no lie in the matter that we have all experienced this amazing medium in one way or another.

There is just something about this art form that cannot be described in words. Film and the act of watching it is truly a feeling, an experience that, at times, allows us humans to transcend into a realm away from our own or grounds us into a deeper reality.

It is also something that got two individuals *Sheeples* to come together on a nice Saturday afternoon and have a chat about the love of everything cinema with a nice warm cup of coffee in their hands, the noise of the rains in the background and the sounds of their conversation about films in the foreground.

Maybe it's time to listen in...

Where did my love for films start?

Varshini Raaj: My love for films started young. My dad is a huge movie buff and I think that’s where my interest stems from. I grew up watching old Tamil movies and there are some I still love and are relevant today. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve me watching Tamil films every weekend on a local Tamil cable channel called KTV.

Back when going to theatres weren’t as accessible as it is now, I remember waiting for big festive occasions because it meant they would telecast select newly released films on the local channels, I would call all my childhood friends and cozy up in my small living room in front of my old tv and watch the whole movie. It slowly became a very strong and important part of my life.

Ayushman Jain: Let me take you back 20 years into the past. Just imagine a young kid out with his mom and cousins, going to this dingy little theater by the name of Gaiety Galaxy in Mumbai for the first time to watch something called a movie. The theater, for those not in the know, is known for having some of the noisiest crowds out there, and considering that this was during a time where there weren't any other theaters around, it was the place where you would find everyone and anyone on a weekend.

So there I am, going into this dark room full of people to watch a film and I had no idea what I was signing up for. With popcorn and coke in hand, I was already a happy little camper when the movie started playing, and that is exactly when my eyes grew wide and I truly fell in love. It wasn't just the movie, but it was that experience of people laughing, crying, shouting, and just feeling so much together. This became a ritual for us where the family (cousins and all) would go and watch movies over the weekend and the more I saw, the deeper I fell.

That is truly where it all started!

Why is it a big part of my life?

Varshini Raaj: Cinema has been one of the greatest influences of this modern world. It sheds light on so many things and is accessible to everyone. To me personally, it’s been a great teacher. It taught me so many things I didn’t know about, it made me open up to introspect so many things and it made me feel much more. The medium of visual storytelling resonates with me more than I can sometimes put into words. It brings up deep feelings and pushes me to reflect. It’s gotten me through the lowest of lows. The art of storytelling is a beautiful, complex, powerful tool.

Ayushman Jain: Connections. This is what it boils down to for me in so many ways when I think about why movies are such a huge part of my life. To name a few, it connects me with my dad who was a part of the film industry, it connects me with my family and friends, our memories and our shared love of experiencing a story on the big screen, and lastly, it connects me to my passion in music which developed and grew through watching my dad work and create some amazing gems in his time. This is what makes them so special to me, the fact that they have given me so much over the years, it really is an amazing art form.

The type of movies I like:

Varshini Raaj: I can’t pick. I enjoy a wide range of genres. I would say the last on the list would be horror but I still enjoy most horror films. I like films that stick with me long after the end credits regardless of what genre. The ones that make me think or feel or inspire.

When we had the option of going to theatres before covid, it was one of my favorite things to do. Just the idea of being in a dark room with so many strangers all possibly feeling the same things at the same time collectively, going through that journey together until the end feels very special to me. Like any kind of art, cinema is subjective too but it’s for everyone.

There is something for everyone and that makes the art all the more powerful.

Ayushman Jain: Can I say all? No? Really? In all honesty, I really do enjoy the various genres movies have to offer, though in my case, unlike Varshini, I would say that horror is one of those genres I enjoy the most along with those Monster movies where we see giant monsters just duke it out on the big screen. It really is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Monster movies, Godzilla, Judo flip, The Sheeples, Godzilla judo flip, Throwing monsters, monster fights

Along with these, I would say I truly enjoy thrillers and detective movies, especially when we get to the twist endings and big reveals. I always want to be that smart dude who guessed the ending in his head (even though I don't say it to anyone else) but I truly wonder how many times I have actually been right about the ending in these movies. Maybe I'll start keeping count!

Honestly, I really could go on and on about other genres as well but maybe I should stick with these for now otherwise this conversation really is never-ending...

Being a fly on the wall when hearing people talk about subjects they are truly passionate about can be really fascinating, and we are sure there will be more discussions like this one taking place in the future as well but it seems like their coffee got cold (cause they totally forgot to drink it) during the discussion taking place between them.

That is why we think it might be a good idea to leave it here for now but don't worry, we shall be discussing movies and our shared love for them a lot more in the future. Till then, we would love to hear from you all, tell us about your experiences, why you like movies and what made you fall in love with them? Let us know in the comments below!

We are The Sheeples signing out! Until next time!

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