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What Made Marvel So Marvelous!

Over the past decade, all of us as a collective have seen a distinct rise of superhero movies as a genre of its own. Telling us tales of grandeur, wonder, and hope with a little bit of snark mixed into them (I'm looking at you Tony Stark). It's crazy to think how big this particular genre has gotten and how many waves it created globally.

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Though, a huge part of the credit, in this case, goes to Marvel Studios and the universe they created on screen. It was due to the love and care they put into this project as a whole, that we got to be a part of such an amazing experience. From throwing a hail mary in the form of Iron Man in 2008 to the grand scale of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, the amount of care that was put into spinning this tale was immense and its success is attributed to each and every member involved in these projects.

There is just something about these movies that evokes a certain childlike wonder in all of us. I can certainly attest to that seeing that I grew up with these films and I feel like many of you'll reading this article would agree that there is a certain charm to these movies that can't help but touch our hearts. Maybe it's the characters, the jokes, the amazing feats of heroism, or maybe, just maybe it's the heart, the bonds, the little moments of joy and connection between characters, those small hugs or the lighting up of their eyes when they interact with each other. These moments, while a very small part in the grand scheme of things, I think made the biggest impact.

The one thing that made Marvel so unique was the fact that it grounded its characters. It made these superheroes who could fly, punch things into space, reign down lightning from the sky, and do other such crazy feats into humans. They made these characters feel like people, just like us, who dealt with their own struggles, whether mental or otherwise. They made me connect with these characters, they made me feel for them and that, my fellow Sheeples was the hook line, and sinker. The moment I felt their joy, the moment I felt my heart clench when one of them was in danger, I knew that I was done for.

When you ask me about what I mean when I mention these heroes being grounded, I speak about the stories where we saw the Captain struggle with his own loyalties and his ideology, the stories where we saw Iron Man learn about the consequences of his actions and his character, the stories where we saw the struggle of a man who thought he was too dangerous to be near anyone, to make friends and struggled with his own identity, acceptance being a difficult path. These stories showed us not the superheroes, but the people behind the mask. Stories where we got a look at Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Dr. Bruce Banner and this is still just off the top of my head.

The fact here is, this universe has a plethora of characters and what makes these characters so amazing is that each and every one of them has a story to tell. They have their own thoughts, their own moral compass, their own philosophy and it is precisely these things that lead them on the path that they are on.

I really could just go on and on about these characters and never tire out. But I shall refrain from doing that right now and would rather leave you with a question.

What made Marvel so marvelous to you?

I hope you Sheeples and Marvel fans enjoyed this little article, and if you haven't watched MCU movies before, then I hope this article makes you consider picking them up and giving them a try!

If you are interested in hearing us talk more in-depth about Marvel movies then check out our episode 'Marvelling at Marvel'. In this episode, the two of us talk about the MCU and each movie that forms a part of this cinematic universe as well as our thoughts and reviews on them!

Hope to see you Sheeples join in on the conversation! This is 1000Minus7 signing out!

Until Next Time!

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