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For The Love of Rock!

Does anyone else love rock the way I do? I mean look at those beautiful shapes! Nature truly has blessed us with those hardened minerals... Okay okay, I was just kidding though I don't think anyone was falling for this joke right now.

But I feel like over the past year or so I have been quite open about my love for the rock music genre, especially cause I grew up with it and for me, it has been a style of sound I have always connected to, I honestly don't know why but it's always been that way. Rock is also the reason why I picked up my guitar and drums, making too much noise for my parent's liking but hey I enjoyed it a lot and still do till today!

Something I find truly funny is that, for someone who likes a genre that consists of loud sounds, bold lyrics, and a rebel attitude, I have been someone who was quite the opposite, maybe barring the rebel part.

So, the question comes up that in what way did I start loving this genre, maybe that rebel part in me wanted to say and do the things that these songs alluded to, maybe it was just the loud sounds that caught my attention, I'm not sure but what I can say with full confidence is that this genre became like my home, a safe space where I could lose myself in without a care in the world.

My journey with this genre started out with #LinkinPark and honestly, they played a huge role in my childhood, especially with all that they spoke about in regards to feeling isolated and mental health. Though I didn't fully understand it at the time, it was something that I started to connect to, then came in #GreenDay, I started listening to #Metallica, #ACDC, #LedZepplin, and it all just got cemented.

There is just something about those sounds, the guitar, bass, drums, piano and everything in between that truly gets me on my feet and puts a smile on my face.

I'm sure many of you Sheeples have something that you love so deeply that you can't help but fall back on it when you have the free time or just need something to feel at home with, and that's precisely what this genre means to me.

Even today, I listen to Bring Me The Horizon, Aswekeepsearching, Twenty One Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, and many other such bands that are keeping this style of music alive and as I grow into my own style of art and music, I hope to one day be able to pay homage to this genre in my own way, even if my voice isn't the most suited to this style of music.

Till then though, I leave you with one thing...

Rock on my fellow Sheeples!

Ayushman Jain signing out.

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