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The 'Art' of Bring Me The Horizon

Something I've always enjoyed doing on this platform here is sharing with you Sheeples, the different artists and personalities who inspire me on a daily basis and those whom I've grown up following and listening to, and when we come to this discussion, I think I would be remiss if I did not mention a band by the name of 'Bring Me The Horizon' or 'BMTH' for short.

The funny thing here is, I am stumped as to where I should even begin, I guess what I could do here, is share with you all how they have inspired me and why they inspire me the way they do, and if you Sheeples connect with what I'm talking about, then maybe you too can look into this band and check their work out and see if they speak to you the way they do to me.

Growing up, as I followed multiple bands over the years, there were multiple things that you could find within their work, whether it be in music or on different platforms, that defined them in various ways, and I always found that aspect of artists intriguing, kind of like how you could define their styles, the genres, the merch and so on, but many times it seemed to end there, but there were always those bands that truly took defining themselves to another level, one such example being Linkin Park and the kind of music, art, aesthetic and message they had, which is why their work lives on so strong within their fans even today.

Entering my teens, I started discovering the newer sounds that were making waves and one such sound was by BMTH. That's how I first got introduced to their work, like most people would be, through their music.

Listening to their work, what made me gravitate towards them were the lyrics and how raw and open they were, how they spoke about mental health, about struggling with your own self and your own image, about wanting to feel accepted, to a great extent by yourself more than anyone else, and that was something a young me had a hard time with, which is why I connected to it so much. Their understanding and openness of their own mental health experience was like a breath of fresh air, even if it was a heavy topic to be talking about.

While the music and the lyrics themselves were raw, the music videos that accompanied them were also equally so, truly hitting home the messages that they spoke about and that they speak about even today. The aesthetic that they presented through their work was truly unique to who they were, and as I learnt more and more about them, I could see that the aesthetic permeated throughout their presence on social media, on whatever platform they might be on.

From the art they shared to the sets they designed to the clothing they wore, it was like I was watching a truly unique experience unfold and present itself in a way that I had not fully experienced at the time.

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Well hello there! (Points for those who get the reference XD)

Though the best thing about this band, and something I feel is a lesson I will take with me further into my own journey as an artist, is the fact that evolution of your art, whether it be in your music, your aesthetic, your way of presenting who you are, is a part of your artist's journey and is something you shouldn't be afraid of. While what you have done in the past is near and dear to you, and maybe people who might follow your work doesn't mean you should just stick to that formula throughout your journey, rather, be bold and search new avenues, even if they might not pan out the way you thought the first time.

The message of being unafraid of growth and your own evolution, in whatever aspect it may be, is something that will truly stick with me through time.

Even today, I follow their work, eagerly listen to their new albums, learn from their style and even connect to their lyrics because the message they send through it all still connects with me. They continue to evolve with each and every piece of content they release, and that is exactly why I say that don't just release content, rather they release art, in whatever form it may be.

If you Sheeples feel ever so inclined to give their work a listen or check them out, then you can find them here:

While they might not suit your tastes, they have a lot to give and if you do end up getting inspired by their journey as I have, then I'm glad to be on this boat with you my fellow Sheeple!

Hope you liked this article and I hope I was able to convey my love for these artists in a proper way to you all, let us know your thoughts in the comments down below or even on Instagram!

This is Ayushman Jain aka 1000Minus7 signing out.

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