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The Mad Sounds of Arctic Monkeys

The sounds of that electric guitar, with subtle but prevalent bass and a slow but steady beat of the drum... this is a simple yet transient combination that takes you to another planet, one that is built from the ground up by this band called 'Arctic Monkeys'. If you Sheeples haven't heard of this band, to put it simply, they are a rock band that incorporates blues and jazz into their sound, a really interesting combination!

'Mad sounds, in your ears,

Make you feel alright,

They bring you back to life,

Mad sounds, in your ears,

Make you get up and dance,

Make you get up,

Yeah, they make you get up.'

~ Mad Sounds by Arctic Monkeys

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AM Album Cover Art

The first time I was introduced to this band, I did not fully understand the type of music they were making. I liked the sound of it but I never fully understood it?

Kinda like I wanted their songs to pick up and go a certain way but no, in fact, they took me on an adventure I had not intended to go on at the time.

While they were a rock band and produced music in a genre that was my favorite at the time, they had their own way of putting a twist on that quintessential rock sound. While the instruments, the plug-ins, the methods were the same... They themselves and their individuality is what truly made the difference.

I took my time listening to them, and the more I heard, the deeper I fell in love with their music and their sound. It felt like I was in a trance when I heard them, and growing up over the years I feel like I have come to understand their style of music even more.

The difference, in this case, is that when I first heard them, I enjoyed their style of music and how different it was, but as I got older, these songs started gaining a lot more meaning for me, they started developing a personality... Honestly, the meaning behind the lyrics spoke to me a lot more and it felt like I found a home within that band's music. A reflection of what I felt like at times and much more...

Something I find really fascinating about them is how their work is the most enjoyable when you hear their albums from the start to finish, kinda like you're hearing a story being told that starts from point A, taking you on a journey with ups and downs to reach that point B.

Over the 10 years that I have been listening to this band, I feel like I haven't spoken about them enough, and to be honest, this article is one way I can truly thank them for what they have given me and what I feel like I have been through with their work.

Finally, I just want to say that if you Sheeples haven't heard of them before or just haven't gotten to listen to their work, then I would urge you to just give them a chance... They are genuinely one of a kind and who knows, you might just connect with them on a level you never would have realized...

Let us know if you did end up listening to their work, until then, this is 1000Minus7 signing out!

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