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A Simple Connection

Have you ever made a connection with a piece of our culture in a way that moved you?

Now, you might be asking yourself why the question, and well over the past week, I had been listening to this album and through the process of hearing it all the way through, I felt overwhelmed... Almost to the extent that I didn't know what to do with this emotion. It was really confusing but at the same time... I felt, liberated?

That feeling got me thinking and it made me wonder how such forms of art, culture or even the environment around us can have an effect on our minds.

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Lost in the Sauce

When it comes to things that I have formed a connection with and things that have deeply impacted me, I would have to look towards two forms of expression, one being movies and the other being music. There have been times that I have felt a certain way whether it be about myself or things around me but have not had the confidence to express these feelings, and the only way I got any closure was through these two forms of expression.

Though it wasn't like I magically knew that this particular scene from a movie or this particular song would understand me or what I am going through, it was always accidental in its discovery. But the moment of discovering something like that, something that hits all your chords, it's a feeling like no other and I'm sure you Sheeples have had moments like these as well.

It's just a simple connection, but once it's made, that string that connects us becomes really heavy... It allows you to lose yourself in that connection, finding peace for that short amount of time before reality sets back in, and honestly, these small moments of joy, sorrow, melancholy, and a mixture of it all will always stay with me even as I grow up and gain more perspective.

These moments will always be something that I will harken back to as if reminiscing with an old friend over a cup of coffee or just on a drive, nothing too extravagant in the process.

After all, it is a simple connection...

This is 1000Minus7 signing out!

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Balaji T.A
Balaji T.A
Aug 15, 2021

Beautiful read :)

The Sheeples
The Sheeples
Aug 15, 2021
Replying to

Would love to know what that simple connection is for you :)

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