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Why music is a living, breathing entity...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

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Let yourself feel the sounds

The more I sit down and just think about it, the more I believe in the idea that music is genuinely something that in itself is a living being. It is more than just a feeling, it is a friend and companion. It is something that, I personally feel has been there for me when I needed it. Just a passive companion, who offers a shoulder when you need it. Maybe this is just me and call me crazy, but I think I have come to believe in this idea more and more.

I think the emotions that sound is able to convey is unlike any other, that is why there are so many genres out there, talking about different things and making us feel different emotions. Each genre is like a stranger you haven't met yet, but you don't need to worry, cause the moment you lend it an ear, you will learn everything you want to about it! All it takes is the will to listen and understand the story.

Music to me has gained its own personality in so many ways, especially when you look into why certain genres came into existence. When we think about rap, we see a history of fighting against oppression, the fight to bring forth our true emotions and the right to speak your truth. It as a genre has evolved in so many ways and I can definitely say, that rap and hip-hop have many stories to tell, its experiences defining what rap and its culture is.

Music has always been something that has spoken to me, it has been a mediator, a friend and also been someone that has introduced me to people. In a way, music is that person at a party who knows everyone and through it, people get to know each other.

It's funny to think about how some of the simplest conversations like 'Oh you listen to Linkin Park! Man I love that band!' can lead to friendships that last a lifetime, but it is a simple truth and maybe that's what is beautiful abut it. Music is what introduced us to each other and is definitely something that till today we bond over!

As a friend, music has helped me get through difficult times...When I was down on myself, not able to speak up to people, too afraid to get out of my shell, it was music that understood my frustrations (Three Days Grace and My Chemical Romance is a big help :P). Listening to songs that spoke about such problems told me 'Hey man, I know what you're going through right now and it's alright to feel that way!'. Like an old friend who is always just there for you.

But my relationship with music goes deeper, especially since I want to create music of my own. When it comes to making melodies and songs, I always feel like I am creating an imaginary being that has a personality of its own and has its own story to tell. I feel like artists always feel this way towards their creations because they put so much of their being and their soul into their work. The keyword being 'soul', due to which the song does not have any other choice but to be alive!

This is why I am making this case to you today, think over your time with music, think of all the memories you have had, the songs you have heard, the emotions you have felt and maybe you'll see what I mean. Maybe you'll see that fictional being take life in your head, an old friend who has always been with you. A companion through thick and thin, someone whom you will live beside all your life and who changes and evolves the way you do. If you can imagine all of what I am saying, then I feel like you have truly felt the essence of music!

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An old friend

This is where I sign off, but before I sign off, I would like to recommend some music for you to listen to if you're open to it. Listening to new music can be an amazing experience in its own right, and I will be giving you a mix of genres to check out if you like any of them then let me know! Also, give me recommendations from your side as well and let me know what I should check out!

For now, here are mine:

- Arctic Monkeys (The album AM)

- F16's


- Bring Me The Horizon (This band has grown so much over the years and their newest EP is something definitely worth listening to)

- Brockhampton

- Joji

- New Daye

- Jon Bellion

I have so many more recommendations to give, but for now, maybe you can check these guys out! If you want to hear more about music and what connects us to it, you can listen to our podcast to hear both Zee and I going into detail about it!

You can listen to our podcast here:

This was 1000Minus7 signing off! I hope you have an amazing day!

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