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#KaafiVibes 3 Y'all!

So it's here. The end of probably the worst year for most of us, 2020. In retrospect, though many of us made it safely and some didn't (if you were struck by Covid, I do hope sincerely that you made a full recovery). While this year was what it was, it has given many of us the mental space to be naked with our own self. I mean it differently than you probably thought I did. What I'm trying to say is that for a lot of us, being isolated either by ourselves or with family/friends, gave us the much needed time to introspect. Despite the fact that it helps us align ourselves with the bigger picture, we certainly strive to keep our distance from it.

While on the pod we had a cozy AMA (yup, amma not appa) where we answered some super nice questions from Shreya, Mindfullyawkward &, it led me to a tangent. A direction where I really began wondering why we are so hard on ourselves? Maybe I'm speaking a bit out of context so it might sound odd but I'll level with you. When I talk to most people these days, I'm lately struck by how at unease most people are. While nothing they say upfront indicates that, some subtle cues always come to the fore. Which leads me to this- Why are we our own tormentors? Jailors, as well as the imprisoned, as well as the four walls that surround us. This is slowly developing into the sort of the main theme of our podcast and 1000minus7 and I couldn't have imagined a better 'macro-vision' for the community. The continuous self-limiting that we indulge in, that others around us can clearly see, but that which we are too oblivious towards.

I get it, I get it. This is probably too hard a piece of bread you want to chew on. A discussion we are uncomfortable having considering new beginnings are just around the corner with the year about the end. But that's okay too, you have your entire life ahead of you to have these conversations with yourselves, find some ease in that. I'm not going to pretend to be a wise man leading the pack of young Sheeples, because I am no different. Avoiding tough conversations with myself all the same, but I am grateful for one fact for sure- I've found a friend in 1000minus7 and that has been the highlight of my year! Knowing that you have a friend/Sheeple with you who's willing to have tough conversations with you, bust yo ass when you're slacking (which I did all year tbh), and support you in your wins and losses is just gold. I don't care about all the other things that pop culture tells me to view as goals, but I know for sure that having a good ol' friend can make this journey called so much easier.

Sure many of us have our 'tribes', 10-20-30 peeps who double tap on our posts and send us memes and tag us on our birthdays. Sure they'll go out drinking with you and occasionally indulge in that tough conversation. But sometimes we're still left wishing for more in that relationship and that's a tough spot to be in. You might have 3456 Facebook friends and 465 followers on Instagram but still might not know who to call when you have that 2.45 am bought of anxiety. That's why we started the Sheeples community as a bunch of virtual friends that can talk to each other, or if you're comfortable talking, hearing the both of us. The hope is to be that good friend you might need to help you feel like you're in a safe space, to make you not feel judged, maybe even have you chuckle at our dorky jokes. (hey we've got lame humor and we own that :P)

Phew. So much more to say, but I guess I'll let the pod do the rest of the talking :)

I hope to see you there, a cozy space of non-judgment which is exactly what we could all use rn (I need that for sure).

Link to the pod - http://bit.ly/kaafi-vibes-3

This is Zee signing off :)

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