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Did we lie?

Why is it, that every time you have something very important to do, you tend to deviate?

An exam the following day, A paper due within a few hours, An important task at work to be completed,

Why do we hold it off for so long?

Not only do we do that, we tend to find other things to do, being productive, but at the worst of times.

We feel no regret for not doing what we were supposed to do because we justify that we were productive and got some work done.

But what is the truth?

We lose out on important opportunities to showcase our true talent, by doing menial tasks which we can do at any point in time.

So what is right and what is wrong?

It's procrastination alright, but maybe the small tasks will one day add up to be a greater deal in our futures?

Or is it, that the missed opportunities to showcase greatness will adversely affect us in the near time?

Is it a trade-off between growth long term, and sorrow short term, or is it that we are just giving excuses to not work on what we should.

Basically, this entire rant is my procrastination itself. Just letting my thoughts flow, while I should be studying for an exam tomorrow.

We become passionate about our skills when we should be working on what we put off and delay.

Hope you Sheeples liked this article written by Jyoti Jain, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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