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The Pop-Cult of Minimalism

Updated: May 26, 2020

There might not be many things as relevant in this age of excess as minimalism, but let's not just impose and give you a drive-through.

Aside from the fact that the word can be quite a tongue-twister if repeated- Minimalism Minimalism Minimalsm Minimalaism Minimanimanimanimalismmmmmmmmm

It has a certain resonance to it, but on the onset, though there seem to be two divided camps.


  1. Those who feel being minimalist means having to climb a mountain and live like a hermit

  2. Those who are minimalist only for the 'gram (Those white on white photos though)

Let me talk about a third school of thought.

What if I tell you being minimalist in its essence is actually approaching life with a 'less is more attitude', feeling 'contentment'- About de-cluttering. Getting rid of the excess that is just lying around in your bottom dresser since 8th grade. Things that no longer provide any sense of functionality and are either being hoarded or are lying there because you feel throwing out that pair of jeans you owned in high school scares you because you think you're throwing out 'who you were' (Lord knows we miss our past)


The way I approach this pop-cult is by making a list of all those things that reallllyy add value to my life, things that I might need as frequently as every day, and things that I genuinely spend loads of time with. I then automatically assume everything is on the chop-chop list and that's about it. I then take the hardest step by giving away my stuff to people I think actually need it. This could be friends, family, or in most cases those who are on the streets and 'need' those things as opposed to us who 'want' them.

Seeing someone overjoyed with what I maybe spent 6 mins in a year with, is priceless.

Let's talk about some of the benefits I've reaped from being a minimalist-

  • Freed up time- Let's take clothing as an example in my case. A year ago I had a large wardrobe full of clothes. Whether it be from 6 years ago, or from 2 years ago didn't matter. Never throw 'em out was my jam. Now? Down to around 4 shirts, 5 tee's, 3 pairs of pants. My mornings have never been easier. This is exactly how much I need and I almost always know what to wear.


  • Freed up physical space- Let's face it. Those 'gram photos look therapeutic for a reason. I cannot express how liberating it is to move around my house. The lounge room has one chair, one seater sofa, a telly and that's it! No paintings, no artifacts, no sculptures.

  • Freed up mind space- Somehow not having physical excess has this ability of putting our overachieving minds at ease. I'm finally not continuously pursuing buying new things to deck up my space. I'm content with what I have and if at all there's a feeling that I 'need' something, I task myself by thinking on it for a month at the least. If at the end of the month I still am on it, it's a go. But guess what? For most things, they don't even make it past 3 days.



There are so many zen vibes to feel here that it gives me hope :) We used this beautiful topic to further enhance our idea of a 'safe space' and had such a gentle and calming talk about it on the pod. If you're looking to learn more or just want some nice tune-out vibes as you're ending your day, this is a great food for thought. The pod explores the topic a little more and depth and sees us both open up about our personal lives and our subjective take on what it means to be a minimalist.

You can listen to our podcast here: https://bit.ly/minimalist-philosophy

This is Zee signing out! I can't wait to see you on the other side. A warm fireside chat awaits :)

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