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To Dog or to Cat?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

So we’re going to do this fun thing. I’m going to try my best and insert the cutestttt dogger and catter photos throughout the article, and your only challenge is to not go ‘Awwwwwwwwww’

Think you’re game? Let’s jump into it then!


Cats, Cattos, Sleeping Cats, Cute Animals, Adorable, Cute

Before I can begin answering the question of ‘Dogs vs Cats’ I’d like to pose a counter-question. Why choose?

Why does it have to be a zero-sum game and make two sides and spend your life defending your stance? Furries are the ultimate therapy you can ever treat yourself with and isn’t more the merrier? I mean those are my two cents and I’m sure you have yours :)

I’m too lazy to conduct a poll, but if I did, I know with some certainty that the answer would be more skewed towards ‘dogs’, I mean isn’t that answer what pop-culture has fed us? With all those talks of being a person’s best friend, dogs are clearly the favorites of the world, and here’s the reason why.

As humans we have a pretty ‘I give you, you give me’ take on life. Barter is the fabric of the culture that weaves our species and there’s no doubt about that. With dogs when you go like ‘whozz a gwuuuuuuubdddd gurlleeeehsjsjs’ there’s a very visible, tangible response from the dog, either in form of a tail wag or an apparent excitement in them that we

‘interpret’ as the equivalent of them saying ‘I love you’ back. We see that our barter cravings are satisfied.

But when you go like ‘whozz a gwuuuuuuubdddd gurlllleeeehsjsjs’ to a cat, you might at best get a head turn and then she turns back to her og habitat of looking at a suspicious empty spot on the wall (wut even cat?)

You see the problem here? the cat doesn’t satisfy our itch for reciprocation the way a dogger does.

(Interesting question to ask yourself, do I need someone to respond to my display of affection every time? If yes, why? If no, why)

Also, the discussion why dogs and cats get all the love in the human world and all other animals are viewed in a reductionist manner is a whole different discussion lol

Cats, Cattos, Sleeping Cats, Cute Animals, Adorable, Cute

Unfortunately, the world is obsessed with the breed/pedigree of the cat/dog and that truly is a reflection of who we have become as a society. We need to question this urge within us to ‘buy’ a husky/lab/shitzu/persian vs adopting an Indie/street baby that has roamed the streets hungrier for love than food.

But t’is what t’is. Though there’s no denying that irrespective of breed, the pure unadulterated joy we get from the selfless gaze and affection of a fur baby will far surpass any other joy that may ever come. Feel free to disagree :)


This super pod had the both of us go bonkers with cuteness shrieking out of all our being! If you find yourself in a tough place right now, I’m certain that the adorable nature of this topic and our anecdotes will make you feel like the emotional equivalent of a ‘warm-gooey-chocolate brownie’ by the end of it :)

You can listen to it here:

See you on the pod sheeples-

This is Zee signing out! Until next time!

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