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Weekend Covfefe with the Sheeples!

Praise be onto the covfefe lords! It's been a whole year since the first episode on 'bean water', back when we were still young'uns. Both of us have come a long way since that pod, but our love for coffee has only grown! While I'm a full-time convert now from the lofty realms of chai, my Sheeple partner has just recently taken the plunge. Woooooot

We spent this pod discussing how specialty coffee (the industry's word, not mine) is getting a new wave due to the rise of tiny roasteries that have pushed creativity to the max. While there truly is no substitute for a coffee shop cuppa, there are now ways that can get you at least halfway there.

To make this slightly intimidating topic a bit easier, Imagine there is a linear scale of preference from light coffee to dark. Let's look at three popular methods to brew your coffee depending on your preference-

1. Pour Over (Light)

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Pour-over coffee sounds complicated, but the brewing process is surprisingly simple and the results can be amazing with a lil practice!. If you drink a single cup each morning or want to try two different coffees, making pour-over coffee can be even easier than setting up your home coffee machine (bonus — cleanup takes seconds). And because you’re in control of factors like water temperature and brew time, you can expect amazing flavors in the finished cup.

2. French Press (Medium)

French Press Coffee, Coffee, Brewing, Brewing a Coffee, Coffee Lover, Coffee Addict, Caffeine Addict, Coffee Drinkers, Aesthetics, Fresh Press

French press (or ‘plunger’ as it has long been known in Australia) is a wonderful and very easy way of making coffee at home, particularly for guests since the recipe is completely scalable from 1 cup right up to 8-10 cups depending on the size of your french press. The french press, due it being a full immersion brewing method with a long steeping time, produces a thick and full-bodied cup which many drinkers find more pleasant under milk than other pour-over style filter brewers.

3. Moka Pot (Dark)

Moka Pot Coffee, Coffee, Brewing, Brewing a Coffee, Coffee Lover, Coffee Addict, Caffeine Addict, Coffee Drinkers, Aesthetics, Moka Pot, Moka

Well, you’ll sometimes hear a moka pot described as a “stovetop espresso maker.” This is misleading because espresso must be brewed at a minimum of nine bars of pressure and moka pots can’t come close to this. However, it is possible to make dense, concentrated coffee in a moka pot by maximizing the amount of coffee grounds you use. Many Italians do this as an easy stovetop alternative to espresso, hence the tiny cup sizes.

So whether you like your coffee light or dark, there's a brew option for all! Each of the pieces of equipment has its distinct taste and you can't know which one's yours till you try all three. Also, if you don't want to drop some dough and invest in equipment, you can hack your way around and just use a mason jar! Here's a link to a video we did on easy coffee

(psst. It's ASMR too!- https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNvOld_Bl4e/?utm).

References- https://www.drinktrade.com/how-tos/pour-over




If all of this gets your gears going to know more about this space (and of course gives you an insane urge to have a cuppa joe) tune in to the episode of our podcast and we’ll take you through a caffeinated journey that comes across as a mellow late-night conversation between a bunch of friends. Sounds awesome, right? You can listen to our podcast here: http://bit.ly/brewing-coffee

This is Zee signing out :)

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