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Why Zee Loves Chicken but Doesn't Eat It

Updated: May 5, 2020


I spent two hours writing this blog with all of my soul in it and the website crashed, and guess what? NO AUTOSAVE


I'm just going to get into an abridged version now, fingers crossed* auto-save works.


Zee is an overthinker. He overthinks concepts of right and wrong. He feeds stray dogs and cats and realizes one day how biased he is towards them, but chickens and goats and cows are meant for slaughter. He quits eating meat. He comes across videos that highlight cruelty against cows, he quits milk. He now feels he sits on the ethical high-chair. Someone tells him plants feel and emote too, cutting and eating them is no different from eating a cow. Zee's high chair crumbles. Zee is confused.

Chicken, Earth, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Wanting to eat chicken but can't, frustration, end of the world
One Chicken to Kill Them All! ;)

Whether you're a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, or an Ovo/Lacto Vegetarian or a Vegan. Heck as long as you're someone who consumes something, you're all in the same boat.

What makes someone think eating a plant is a lesser fault as compared to eating chicken? It's what helps them sleep better at night. Coping mechanisms to be precise.

Chicken, Earth, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Wanting to eat chicken but can't, nuh uh uh, nope, nooooo, no sassy chicken, sassy
The sass is real!

But at the same time, self-preservation is every person's goal, no matter how noble any of us are. Keep us hungry for long enough, we will eat literally ANYTHING to stay alive. Why do we then look down on some people labeling their brand of ethics to be inappropriate?

Unless you have genuine food allergies, keep in mind that the effect of your food choices are 'intangible'. They help you feel better in the mind only.

Chicken, Earth, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Wanting to eat chicken but can't, frustration, fly buzzing, catching a fly, stupid, dumb chicken
'Fly' me to the moon...

I was a pretty big prude back in the days when I identified as Vegan, always annoying people to convert to the 'faith of my food'. I felt like my food-choices were 'right' and everybody else who differed was 'wrong'. I feel like such a fool when I look back, but that's who I was. I tried to create an ethical high chair and cast judgement on everyone who differed from my ways. It was only when I realized that we grow plants in captivity, augment them with our pesticides, our fertilizers, CUT 'em, COOK 'em and EAT 'em, that I saw my folly. That's the day I realized that if everything we do is wrong, then maybe nothing is wrong.

Chicken, Earth, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Wanting to eat chicken but can't, frustration, pestering, irritated chicken, god damn it
My brain when it realised these things...

I'm trying to not annoy my mind these days, not really trying to fit into labels of 'Vegetarian' and 'Non-vegetarian' because those are just human constructs we use to feel better about ourselves. I'm not overthinking my food and really trying to eat what I love without thinking too hard about the right and wrongs. I have trouble on most days and many guilt trips, but the haze is clearing up as I gradually stop casting judgement on myself. I for one have become a person who lives and lets lives and no longer tries to campaign for changing the world's eating habits. It's just an easier and more peaceful life if you stop over-intellectualizing, trust me. I'm learning to become more accepting of both myself and those around me. Feels good :)

If the topic of food and those ethical conundrums keep you up at night and you want to hear more, join my friend and I as we discuss this topic with all the Sheeples out there on our podcast. It's filled with humor and pensive thoughts and sounds like a warm fireside chat with pals. A safe space for us to share our thoughts and for you too :)

You can find our pod right here:

This is Zee signing out and see you on the pod!


If you're like me and thought this GIF's were hilarious :D Go check them out at-

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