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#Cheffy Scenes- Fooooood

Hey Sheeples, we're back with another pod, and this time its none other than Fooooood (yes the extra o's matter :P)

Dobby, Harry Potter, Magic, Food, Cooking, Cook, Apparate
Disappearing like the food on a plate

If you're like me, then you've probably not step foot in your kitchen a lot. At least not to cook, to gawk inside the fridge fo sho, but not to cook. There's a Dobby the house-elf in every house that makes sure you never have to- your mum. This little magical creature hobbles around all day long and has you covered for all your 63432 meals a day (yes it's possible to eat those many). While that has its perks till you're the age of 12, but if you've outgrown that threshold, it's time to find something even more empowering- Learning how to cook.

My life, Money, Balance, Sadness, Shock, Food Budget
Too real

Now before you tune out and stop reading, give me a moment to level with you. This isn't to tell you what to do or not, this is more about exploring how learning to cook extremely basic food is an extremely empowering skill. Let's say you wake up one day and the first thing you do is open your Insta feed. That couple you've been jelly of, who's living all your couple goals cooked pasta in pesto sauce last night and put it up in their story. Two things instantly happen, your jelly levels max out yet again, and to make matters worse you've suddenly got #pestopasta cravings. How is life even fair! To make matters more interesting you ask your mum what's for lunch and she says #dalchaal. The horror. Since you're also employed your bank account shows an amount that wouldn't even buy you a #vadapav ka pav. That would make you feel pretty helpless right?

Cooking, Cook, Pasta, Food, Tasty, Yum, Learning to cook, Chefing it up, Chef, Learning a new skill

Imagine in a new scenario where you knew how to cook and someone convinced your mum to loan you some money for ingredients (you'd be surprised how little it is). You could then fulfill your pasta cravings in a jiffy! With the internet out there, there's really not much excuse to not cook. Even if you can afford to order take out every day, at the end of the week you'll hit a plateau and end up feeling like it isn't hitting the spot no more.

Cooking, Cook, Dal, Food, Tasty, Yum, Learning to cook, Chefing it up, Chef, Learning a new skill, Dal Tadka, Garnish

The #covid19 situation did really give me an excuse to take my food skills to the next level. From being able to cook basic stir fry's, I took it as a challenge to learn Indian cuisine. Something that felt so intimidating at first, but was so much fun to cook. From the yummy garlic overloaded dal tadka's (fried lentils) to my fav bhindi sabzi (okra), I'm so glad that the magical creature in my house has a sous chef to help her out now! (aa sous che dikra?)

Cooking, Cook, Vada Pav, Food, Tasty, Yum, Learning to cook, Chefing it up, Chef, Learning a new skill, Street Food, Garlic Chutney

The one yumm food thought that I massive craved during the pandemic was my guilty pleasure. Vada Pavvvvvv. Like dame that fried potato fritter goodness combined with red and green chutney hits the spot and how. no matter how hard I tried, recreating at home was impossible (the secret for vada pav is truckloads of garlic and re-used unhealthy oil). but I was reunited with my love and you'll have to hear the pod how that romantic reunion felt :P


We're sure that the warm cozy safe space we create on the pod is something you'd enjoy. If you're like us and feel conventional media makes you often feel burned out, insecure and smaller, the Sheeples community could be a breath of fresh air. In these tough times where we can't hang out with our peeps, we're attempting to create that '11th-grade sleepover vibe' that we all cherish and secretly miss :)

Hope to see you on the pod -


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