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What's Third Wave Covfefe?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

COFFFFFEEEEEEEE- Is what my brain goes like at least 4 times a day - alarm bells ringing and putting my body into overdrive, butterflies in my head and excitement filling me up with just the idea of brewing fresh coffee and having my fix!

Aren’t we all coffee heads just like that? Whether we have it straight up black or lace it with milk or alternate dairy, hot or cold. Coffee makes the world a better place and is a legit high I can’t do without :D Though I’ve been a tea drinker for most of my life, it was in the last two years when I made this switch. I quit dairy over a hunch and never looked back, and for a person whose day was fueled by chai, the next bold step was to look myself in the mirror and say that black chai would have to do. That didn’t last long though, lol, black tea just ends up tasting like gutter water and I was looking for a caffeine fix, not sewage fix.

Aaaaand that’s how I tasted my first black coffee. Nothing too fancy, Nescafe and jaggery, straight-up black! Something just clicked and before I knew it, I was hooked. Days and weeks went by and my explorations went wild! I started watching videos on why coffee shop brews taste that amazing, discovered the process of brewing, how to buy the perfect ground coffee and how small batch grinders had their coffee game strong! Something about my millennial brain instantly bought into the idea of brown paper bags, stories of farmers and all those delectable tasting notes of specialty coffee. (Can I put on my black-rimmed glasses on already?) What we all need to appreciate at this point is how the coffee process has gone from largely being industrial and lacking human emotion to a very conscious process. It now tries to offer fair trade prices to the entire supply chain and is largely fueled by passionate individuals that are committed to richer taste, richer quality and richer experiences.

What’s called ‘Third wave coffee’ is what I like to understand as the ‘Wine-ification’ of coffee beans. Roasters are experimenting with 'lighter' roasts (first and second wave coffee got the world’s palette leaning towards the ‘over-roasted-burnt’ taste), they are experimenting with aging coffee, cold brews, pairing coffee with food. There is an insane amount of experimentation going on in this space and the community is brimming with innovation. (P.S- Starbucks would ideally fit under second wave coffee. Since they are mostly corporate and aren’t able to give that homely vibe you’d get a Blue Tokai or Blue Bottle coffee. I mean some people would like to think that Starbucks fits the bill, but in my humble opinion it doesn’t, though they were really influential in helping convince us that it is okay to pay 5x more haha)

If all of this gets your gears going to know more about this space (and of-course gives you an insane urge to have a cuppa joe) tune in to the second episode of our podcast and we’ll take you through a caffeinated journey which comes across as a mellow late-night conversation between a bunch of friends. Sounds awesome, right? (So much for being humble)

You can listen to our podcast here:

This is Zee signing out and I can’t wait to have you listen and join our community of sheeples :)

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