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What's up Sheeples?!

Hey Hey Heyyy Sheepies, It's been a while! Before we got into one of our topics for discussion, we wanted to give you a rundown on how we've been and what's been up!

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The Dude With no name has been going through one of those magical-outta a Disney movie-clarity phases were the stars have aligned and he realized that what he wanted to be truly happy was with him all along, and I don't think it gets more magical than that :)

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All of us Sheeples know this dude is basically a prodigal whiz kid when it comes to music and the only reason his talented ass not grammy level big yet is because he's just being a nice cutie like he always is and giving his competition a head-start! He'd decided that while earlier music and his events venture was what he was moonlighting, it's now going to be his main gig!

That has brought him insane-cuddly panda bear-fluffy kinda happiness and he moves forward with a clarity like never before! But this wasn't an overnight realization and I've seen him first-hand go through dilemmas that would keep him up at nights as he worried what life had in store. He gave a fair objective shot to all other options and struggled till the 11th hour, but finally, clarity came to him and all's well that end's well, eh? :)

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Zee on zee other hand is stuck like a dogger chasing his own tail lol. We know that creating perfumes has been his calling for the longest time. He's also been trying to get his foot in the door of the fragrance industry, but the struggle hasn't gotten weaker. Part of the challenge comes from the fact that he is a self-taught perfumer, but shouldn't that be seen as a positive? In any field, if you encounter a 'self-taught' individual who has the courage to break away from the throes of 'organized-academic-learning' and chose to forge their own path, they clearly are engaged and passionate. Alas, not everyone sees it that way :( But he's not going to stop though, every person who tells him 'you can't' ends up strengthening his resolve and convinces him to keep walking another 500 miles :)

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There you have it Sheeples, that's what's been up with Papa Sheeple 1 & Papa Sheeple 2 :D I'm certain that for many of you reading this, there's a good chance that you resonate with one of us. Our stories may differ, but the template stays the same. For me, knowing this fact that many of us share our path of struggles or our path of happiness gives me a certain un-explainable joy! I hope you might find some comfort in sharing your paths with all of us Sheeples who are secretly in our own ways rooting for each other :) We'd love to have your over on the pod where we unmask our experiences and speak with barebones honesty. A feat that isn't easy, but the safe-space of the Sheeples community makes it a tad less difficult :) This is Zee signing out, see ya over on the pod! Link to the pod:

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