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A Year Through Our Sheeply Lens!

The year is coming to a close and here I am, procrastinating on writing this article the same way I did last year, and have been doing all throughout this year every time it is my turn to write one of these... I don't know what to say, maybe things aren't so different?

But being serious, this year has been a whirlwind in the way it went by, with so much happening throughout, and while I'm sure all of us have had a lot to go through this year, maybe it's also time for all of us to reminisce and look back on some of the highlights while sipping on a nice hot beverage... or a cold one it's all up to you Sheeples.

Also, a pre-warning... If I end up posting this article on a Monday then know that I had an ~existential crisis~ midway through this article.

With the warning out of the way, I think I should begin by saying that even within this project/collective as we like to call ourselves, there have been some big changes that took place. When I was working on 'The Sheeples' last year, I had not expected it to take the turns it did as the year went by, and I shall get a little more into that further ahead but I have to say that I am extremely proud of the fact that this project has been growing, from something that was started out as a podcast and creative outlet between two friends for fun to now being on the verge of becoming something bigger, and hopefully soon turning into a platform is truly a surreal feeling!

But that fact isn't the only thing that changed in the previous year, we also had a new member join the family! Yes, that's right, we had one of my best friends, who is also like a sister to me, Varshini Raaj join this little collective, and with her coming into the team, it truly felt like 'The Sheeples' was complete, and while it's sad we had to see Tanay Thakar leave The Sheeples, we are nothing but immensely proud of him for chasing his dreams and pursuing his passion in the world of perfumery. He will always be a part of the family here and who knows, you might even see him make a few cameos on our page from time to time.

So, with Varshini joining the team, we got to work and one of the first things we did was start making the content and ideas a little more structured, we came up with ideas for new series, we started working on reels, we improved on our artwork, and did so much more!

It was so nerve-wracking to see the debut of our series 'Left on read...' on our Insta page cause this was the first time we had ever gotten in front of the camera for anything and to see the positive response for what we were doing was such a relief and it made us so happy that we were able to muster up the confidence to take that step!

Finally, after bringing so much new content to the table, and with plans for a lot more to come in the future, we thought it is the right time to take the next step, and so we started to get to work on bringing our digital artworks into the real world, and in the coming months you Sheeples are going to be able to buy our artwork as prints or canvases and hang them up in your homes if you so wish to do!

It's an exciting prospect and a start to many more plans that we have and want to work on for the coming year, but for now, we are going to keep that part a secret!

With that, we come to where we are now, with me writing this article in my room, the same way I did last year, but with a world of difference and new perspectives in mind... I wonder what the coming year will be like, and what I will be writing about at the end of that year... but you know what, I am excited to find out!

Hope you Sheeples have had a good year as well, and we hope that you Sheeples will have an even better one going forward!

Have a Happy New Year Sheeples!

This is Ayushman Jain aka 1000Minus7 signing out.

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