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Kaafi Vibes 2: Spooktober!

*Cues scary ghost sounds* Brrrrrrrrrrr...

Hello hello hello Sheeples, it's time for another Kaafi Vibe episode where the both of us sit with our huge ass muggers of bean water (wink) and take some time off to answer questions that the community asks. We're always so grateful that you deflect some of your thoughts and questions our way and we get to discuss them all episode long!

The episode started with us just goofing around discussing how horror as a genre of storytelling is extremely captivating and has its audience always on the edge of their seats. The conversation then flowed to what movies are the most memorable from that genre. My fellow sheeple who was aptly titled Haunter this episode (evolution much :D) spoke about 'Hereditary' and how it ranks as the scariest movie in his list. He tipped his hat towards 'The Shining' and showed us how his tastes vary from old school classic to modern scared.

For me, the one that takes the first spot has to be 'IT'. Something about a joker as the ghost is absolutely terrifying and if you're like me and have always been freaked out by jokers and their tone of voice and their staggered stance and their smile (okay I'm scaring myself gotta stop), you know IT is the real-ish. 'A child's play' also got an honorable mention as Chucky the doll has managed to haunt my dreams even after all these years. Goddamit something about him.

We then moved on to the segment where the pod got real freaky as we discussed real-life paranormal experiences. This is where I absolutely wouldn't want to give out any spoilers because both of us had insanely scary experiences to talk about and we got them heebie-jeebies so hard that we actually spooked each other out at 4 pm damn! If you get your fix from horror, I promise you're gonna get massive goosies. Also if you think you're super courageous and don't get freaked easily, I legit think our experiences would give you a run for your money my friend.

As the episode moved towards its end, both of us were united in our awe for all things horror. Right from renting a DVD with our friends to watch it at a sleepover, to challenging yourself to watch a horror movie alone at night with the lights turned off. Just something about that bone-chilling grip of a horror story makes you want to hear more of it and wants to make it stop at the same time. Nothing comes quite closer!


The best part about writing this part of the blog is that I've just realized that a horror story is the best 'fire-side chat' one could hope for *wink* Nothing quite scarier than a spook over a camp-fire. Tune in, get your cuppa coffee and join us as you tune in to a world of horror as you realize you're back to a school sleepover with your sheeple friends :)

Link to the pod - bit.ly/kaafi-vibes-spooky-season

Until next time!


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