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Keeping Our Heads Held High!

It's been a difficult past couple of weeks with all the chaos that has gone on around us. With everything going haywire, people are struggling to keep their mental bandwidth intact and I am certainly one of them.

Having heard about cases upon cases and close family members impacted hasn't been easy, especially when you are at home unable to do much to help other than look around and scour the internet.

It really makes you wonder if this is the new normal? But is this even normal?

That's why we ask the question, why are we accepting this as the new normal? It isn't and it shouldn't ever be. What we need to do now is have the strength to believe, not only in ourselves but also in our friends, families, neighbors, and humans as a whole.

It might sound naive, it might sound simplistic, but in a chaotic and confusing time, simple might just be the answer.

One of the best things that we have seen over the past few weeks over the internet is the power of the people, the strength and unity that we have when things don't seem to be working out. Helping not only our loved ones but also strangers in far-off cities needing information on resources and more.

In a way, it is that belief for a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel that is keeping us going, and as we do our best to reach it we wonder what the future holds for us and that is why we need to keep looking forward and keep our heads held high, cause we don't have the luxury to stop and stare at our feet.

So, let's put the positive out into the universe and take a deep breath. Clear out the mind for a few seconds and tell ourselves, 'We will be okay, we will all make it out of this!'.

Sorry for going on this rant Sheeples, but this was just me getting my feelings out to you all, hope you all are safe and taking all the precautions. We have finally reached the end of Season 2 and we wanted to end it with a #KaafiVibes episode where we spoke about our thoughts on Season 2, how we have been holding up over the past month, and finally what we are looking forward to in Season 3!

You can listen to the episode right here:

We will be taking a short break now but don't worry, we will be back very soon with a new season! Also, we are always available to chat if you ever need it so if you feel like talking or if you miss us, then just drop us a message on any of our socials!

This is 1000Minus7 signing out! Until next time!

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