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Looking Back at 2020!

So, here we are, December, the end of the year. Can you Sheeples believe it? Has the year really gone by that quickly? But then you think about March or Feb and it feels like it was ages ago! Time is a weird thing honestly!

If I was honest with you, this year has truly been a roller coaster, and while collectively the whole world has had a difficult (and I put this lightly) year, I would like to talk about the small positives we have had this year so that we can end on a positive note!

So, maybe we should turn back the time a little bit and gon on a journey together!

Looking back in March, this year had a really stressful start for the two of us, whether it be in the form of college work and expectations of ourselves, to trying to find out what we truly wanted out of ourselves. I know, a tough ask right, but it is what it is (this saying/joke never gets old, also what is 'it'?). We had been looking at ourselves thinking, rather over thinking about what was going to happen once our MBA was done, and in the middle of all that came in this huge pandemic that put a stop on everything.

In retrospect, it actually helped us slow down a little and gave us time to think and understand what we wanted to do. The first step to all that was well, as you know, starting this community!

The Sheeples, a concept, an idea, a philosophy, and a community that Zee and I decided to start last year, but something we never acted on till everything was at a standstill! When the lockdown hit, we thought to ourselves, well, we have nothing to lose, so let's just give it a go and made the first episode of our podcast live on the 28th of March, and to be completely candid, that feeling of getting the episode live felt liberating but also made me super nervous!

The Sheeples, Logo, Brand, Brands, Sheeples, Friends, Podcast, Conversations
The start of something new!

Our idea was finally taking flight, it was finally real and our journey had finally begun! It might not seem like something big, but to two people who were feeling like they were trapped, it was that light at the end of the tunnel.

As the year went on, I would say I learned a lot about myself, from understanding my true passion to growing as a person, I was able to learn a lot!

I made new friends, especially got to know many different artists who post some amazing work on Instagram by the way, learned to start making some artwork of my own, and also was able to bring some of our ideas in regards to Sheeples to life on our Instagram page!

Our journey might be slow, but Zee and I will always say that we are grateful to have each and every one of you Sheeples be a part of our little community.

There have been so many things I can say I am proud of this year, and I along with Zee look forward to what is coming next year from our side, especially on YouTube! So keep your eyes peeled cause we have so many things planned!

Finally, we leave you with one last question, what would you say have been your small victories this year? Things that you are proud of, things that bring a smile to your face. Do let us know and together, let's end this year with a smile on our faces!

Join us on our latest episode where we talk about everything that has happened this year and what we are looking forward to as we move ahead!

You can listen to it right here:

This is 1000Minus7 signing out! Until next time!

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