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Numbing The Pain

Trigger Warning: Anxiety

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It was all a blur

Your heart beats fast, you can feel it in your chest. Your head buzzes and swirls with a bout of dizziness. Your legs and hands go cold, you start to shiver.

You become so restless, your mind just goes numb.

As you rock back and forth, with thoughts running through your mind, but at the same time, pure silence too, you experience anxiety.

You want to be left alone, and you can’t face anyone. You fear even looking people in the eyes for you think that they judge.

The inability to keep calm, you rush around endlessly, trying to find something to latch onto, something that can calm you down.

But the truth is, the only thing that can calm you down, is yourself.

As you look around the room before a huge presentation, before your boss or superior calls you to talk, before you face the fears of your life, you lose control.

Your mind screams, yells, and completely shuts down, trying to save you from the tasks you must complete.

But little does it realise, that shutting itself down, screws you over bigger than anything else.

You lose track of all your memories, you draw blanks and stare off into the distance. With your worst fears right in front of you, all you can do, is just blink.

You can’t take any action, frozen from all but time, as people pass you by, you think.

They judge you. I mean, we think they do…

Anxiety, pure anxiety, can drive you insane. You lose focus, and basically become a walking, talking body, with no mind.

So how DO you fix it?

How do you focus on life and time flying by?

A small tip I found, was to concentrate on each sense you have. It drags you back to reality and forces you to see the truth.

See 5 objects

Touch 4 material

Hear 3 sounds

Smell 2 scents

Taste 1 thing.

Whenever I find myself anxious, I try to incorporate these, to find myself back in the day. Its an immediate fix, but not permanent.

So what is permanent?

Your mind itself works against you, trying to sabotage your abilities in the name of self-preservation. So how do you fix it?

Do you Meditate? Go out and explore your passions? Or do you just live with it?

The best advice I can give, is to try to understand, and visualise what's really important in life. What is important to you, as a person.

What you live for, strive for, work for.

Your family, friends, your dreams, and what it's all for. What it’s worth to you.

To understand, that in the end, nothing that you would have gone through, all your anxiety and fears, they won't matter at all. You will be surrounded by love, by friends, by laughter, by joy, by all the positivity you can find.

So what you are going through right now. Ask yourself, does it matter for where you want to be in life?

Thank you for reading this article, and it makes us so happy to announce that this one was written by a new member of our little team here at The Sheeples and her name is Jyoti Jain!

Let us know your thoughts about this article in the comments below. Until next time!

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