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Why Are Urban Legends So Intriguing?

A question that I have always asked myself, and now would like to pose to you as well, is that when it comes to Urban Legends, where did they start? How long ago was it that these stories came about? and How is it, that in every culture, you find similar tales with a few things changed?

Has the thought ever crossed your minds?

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, these urban legends make for some amazing storytelling experiences!

I still remember as a kid, sitting huddled in my blanket with my cousins next to me, all of us in a circle up late at night, usually around midnight, the lights have been switched off and we take turns to tell stories about ghouls, witches, and monsters that we might have heard from our friends or uncles or even our parents!

As terrifying as those experiences were, they would also make for some of the best memories I had as a kid. That right there, the memory, the feeling of being terrified, the adrenaline we got from that experience... I think that's a key part of what makes these urban legends so widespread.

Now you might be thinking that isn't true, and while I agree that isn't the main reason, I think it does help its cause though. The storytelling aspect and the horror/fun attached to it is what made me love these memories so much, and I wonder if it was something similar for you.

While I might not have a definitive answer to how all these stories came about, and while I can list down how some stories are linked with real-life crimes while others had been made up to stop people from doing something, whether it be taking a route that is unsafe at night due to robbers or so, there are stories and at times real experiences, that are nothing short of unexplainable.

Stories that make the hairs at the end of your arms stand up, stories that feel real, and when to right, feel like are happening to you. That is why I feel the horror genre works well too, the adrenaline and storytelling mixed, make for an amazing experience.

But then again, not everyone is into such genres when it comes to movies, but when it comes to these legends, all of us have some kind of memories tied to them. Honestly, who hasn't tried to say 'Bloody Mary' three times in front of a mirror when the lights are shut in your bathroom on a sleepover?

Personally, though, I feel the local urban legends that aren't as widespread are truly terrifying as compared to the ones that we all have heard from one place or another. There is just something about these stories, that not only pull us towards them but also stick with us for a long time.

If you would like to hear more about different urban legends from not only our hometown but also from around the world then check out the episode we recorded recently! We talk about events that some of our friends have experienced along with a few famous legends from different countries!

You can listen to the podcast here:

Finally, I leave you Sheeples with one question here, which Urban Legend is your favorite?

With that, I am 1000Minus7 signing out!

Until Next Time!

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