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How DC is Making a Comeback!

Over the last decade, we have seen a massive change in pop-culture. The idea of powers, superheroes, fandoms, and fantasies has come to the forefront more than they have ever before, especially when you consider how much the perception of reading comic books, reading manga, playing video games, and so on has changed.

When the 2010s started off, we were still raving about Batman considering the Nolan trilogy was at its peak, word about Man of Steel was out and about making the rumor mills and the hype around DC comics and its characters was at an all-time high!

At the same time, the main Marvel property people cared about was Spider-Man with Iron Man coming in and making the initial noise that started their project of building the MCU. While the first Iron Man had made a good impression, people did not love the second one, Captain America and Thor were still in the works and we did not think much of Marvel at the time, at least the people who did not read the comics.

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The Heroes Day Out!

So what changed? Well, Marvel looked like the one with a plan, while DC stuck to the Joker's famous dialogue, that being ' Do I really look like a guy with a plan?'.

Well, I'm sure they had a plan, but it wasn't well thought out much less executed while Marvel was setting themselves up to change the landscape of the movie making and watching experience.

This is what made the difference, Marvel started making strides in the work they were putting out, with trial and error and an understanding of their core audience base (which they grew and developed into something bigger), while DC was finding its footing to live up to the way Nolan's trilogy had performed.

As a fan of both these creative companies, I really wanted to see so much more to come from DC, but it always looked like they were playing catch up to the well-oiled machine Marvel was and it seemed like in this process, they did not create a footprint of their own, rather in the bid to emulate Marvel, they lost a sense of DC.

With the decade having ended and Marvel finishing up with one of the biggest events of movie history, especially with a storyline building up for over 10 years, the event truly felt like a spectacle and made a huge impact all over, we are seeing a new horizon on the way.

With the new decade, things are bound to change and it seems DC has finally kicked themselves into gear and have come up with a cohesive plan moving forward. While we await the Marvel movie yet to come this decade, it seems the DC fans can rejoice and finally look forward to a vision that is DC's own and not a copy!

Now, you may ask why I make such a claim, well the answer is simple really, and it all ties back to the event called 'DC Fandome'.

DC Fandome, DC Comics, DC, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, Warner Brothers, Gotham Knights, King Shark
DC Fandome - A Global Experience

You may be wondering what this is, well, it was an event held by DC that was a mix of panels, showcases, and interviews talking about what DC is working on, what they are working towards, and what the fans can be excited about.

Taking into account these unprecedented times, there was no Comic-Con taking place this year, there were no events, no Hall H, no cosplays, no live announcements, so DC thought why not create a pseudo-con on a virtual level, one that took place on a global scale but at the viewers own homes, and that's how we ended up with this amazing event!

We got to learn a lot in this event, it truly surprised us with how many projects DC has lined up, from games to shows and movies. They even spoke about the kind of work they are doing in their work culture as well, especially considering the issues they were talking about in the panels, from talking about representation to talking about gender equality and how they want to make a difference.

With so much to unpack in this 24-hour event, we have a few highlights that you Sheeples should definitely check out!

  1. Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer:

We got the official trailer for the upcoming and heavily anticipated Wonder Woman 1984, with us getting a sneak peek into Cheetah (played by Kristen Wiig). We also got a look into what the movie could be about and honestly, we are very excited!

We loved the first one and with the way it looks, it seems this one is going be great as well!

We discuss more in-depth about this trailer in our podcast, do check it out! (Link at the end of the article).

2. The Suicide Squad Sneak Peak:

We got an exclusive sneak peek into what the new Suicide Squad is looking like, and considering we have James Gunn at the helm, the tone has shifted. It looks like the movie has an aesthetic and plan they are working towards and seems like they are on the path to making a really interesting ensemble movie with a bunch of unhinged characters at the forefront!

The character roster does intrigue us and honestly, the more we hear about it, the more our curiosity grows! So do check this out as well!

We discuss more in-depth about this sneak peek in our podcast, do check it out! (Link at the end of the article).

3. The Flash Designs and Information:

The Flash, Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton Batman, Batman, The Flash Movie, Flashpoint, Multiverse, DC, DC Comics
Flash and you'll miss it!

For the Flash's panel, we got a sneak peek into what Barry Allen's new design and suit is looking like, along with the hint towards what could potentially happen in Flashpoint, especially with Michael Keaton's Batman being teased in the background!

This means the idea of multiverses is going to be showcased in the movies as well and could open the doors to a large number of storylines!

We also got the trailer to the new season of 'The Flash' CW series and learned more about what we can expect there as well.

We discuss more in-depth about this sneak peek in our podcast, do check it out! (Link at the end of the article).

4. The Suicide Squad Game Trailer:

For all the comic book nerds and gamers out there, it is time to get hyped about this new game that is in the works, or rather is going to be released soon, and guess what? It is being made by the studio that was behind the Arkham Series!

This trailer truly made me shout out from my seat and I cannot wait to get my hands on this game! Plus the story does seem intriguing, with there being a possibility of Brainiac (a DC supervillain) being the main antagonist!

We discuss more in-depth about this trailer and formulate our own theories in our podcast, do check it out! (Link at the end of the article).

5. The Gotham Knights Trailer:

The second game trailer we got during this event was of 'Gotham Knights' and the trailer itself starts off with a bang, with an announcement on the radio that catches your attention right from the get-go.

This game is supposedly a co-op where you can choose to play between Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin. It is also the first time we got a look at the 'Court of Owls' and got a little bit of an insight into who they are with a chilling nursery rhyme at the end of the trailer, and honestly, I can't wait to play this!

We discuss more in-depth about this trailer and formulate our own theories in our podcast, do check it out! (Link at the end of the article).

6. The Batman Trailer:

We finally get to take a look at Robert Battinson and I've gotta say, he looks badass! The trailer itself was very dark and had a bit of a mysterious vibe to it, with hints of 'Se7en' and other such detective-style movies as an inspiration to the feel of what it could be like.

The main things that excite me about this trailer are that one, we finally get to see Batman be a detective and hopefully can get to know why he is known as the world's greatest detective. Two, we get to see other villains get the spotlight again, especially when the Batman rogues gallery is quiet vast and finally getting to see the Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman on screen, along with hints towards the 'Court of Owls' truly lends to this movie being unique and hopefully, intriguing in its own way.

Word has it that only 30% of the movie has been shot till now, and the fact that they made such an amazing trailer with just that much does say a lot about what DC and the director of this movie have envisioned for it.

We discuss more in-depth about this trailer and formulate our own theories in our podcast, do check it out! (Link at the end of the article).

7. Justice League #TheSnyderCut Trailer:

Finally, we come to the coup de grace,

with a campaign run by fans and the actors of Justice League alike, there was a huge outcry for #TheSnyderCut to be released since the original release of the film. The movie itself faced heavy criticism from everyone and we should have seen it coming seeing that DC decided to change their director and the vision for the movie right before the movie was supposed to release with re-shoots taking place and things being changed.

The public was not happy and it was evident when you saw chatter about the film online, right from day 1.

Finally, it seems DC relented and have allowed Zack Snyder to release the movie he originally intended to bring to the public, his true vision for all of us to see, and to top it all off, this cut will be divided into four halves, 1 hour each and be aired on HBO Max in the form of episodes.

The fans, it seems have won over the corporate system and gotten what they wanted, now we can all hope that the movie will finally give us what we wanted, or at least redeem the Justice League cause the original release wasn't great, and that is putting it lightly!

We discuss more in-depth about this trailer and formulate our own theories in our podcast, do check it out! (Link at the end of the article).


With this, we end our list of the important announcements from the DC Fandome, there was a lot more that took place but we thought we should just stick to these highlights.

If you want to hear us discussing and fanboying over this event, then definitely check our latest episode out where we were joined by our friend Darthmulga, who joined us in this madness, and honestly, it was a lot of fun to record it as well!

You can listen to the podcast here:

Also, do check Darthmulga out on Instagram and check out his podcast called 'Let's Get Uncomfortable' where he speaks about topics all of us are usually hesitant to discuss. Topics that are very important for us to talk about today and should not be overlooked!

You can find him in these places:



This is 1000Minus7 signing out! Until next time!

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